Holistic Health

A Clear Path To Health

I offer a clear path towards vibrant health. It can get confusing which steps to take to support you in excellent health.

What can you do in your everyday life to feel amazing, look great and heal any imbalances?

If you have psoriasis, what would be helpful foods, herbs, supplements, and spiritual and lifestyle practices to get back to balance?

I can help you answer those questions and get you on a daily practice. If you are confused or unclear, on what steps to take, I can be your guide and coach towards finding more peace and hopefully clearing your skin.

Healing From Within

Healing starts within ourselves. Finding the connection to the deep spirit, the source, the feeling of love within ourselves is where deep deep full body nourishment occurs. There is the food that feeds us with vitamins and minerals and then there is our own energy, the spiritual place within that also is a limitless source of nourishment and peace. I will explore ways, practices and tools that can assist you in finding that place within. Then, you may witness how the inner world will greatly affect our outer, physical reality.

Raising Your Vibration

The most effective tools I have discovered for healing my skin are emotionally and spiritually based. I found that what really took my healing to the final level and cleared my skin was tuning my vibration to the highest frequency as often as possible. This means tapping into your spirit within and connecting with that part of yourself as often as you can and basically just hanging out there, being there, and letting yourself swim in the presence of the spirit that is alive in you always. It is important to know that you are the co-creator of your reality. This knowing is the foundation for self-empowerment, and this ultimately can assist in changing your life. If you want to have clear skin and are open to seeing yourself as the co-creator of your life, this can very powerfully support you along the way. The spirit within you is a force that helps you tap into your infinite, powerful self. You do so through meditation and bringing that spirit, that source energy, with you throughout your day. So, you and your spirit are like a team, with your spirit reminding you of your innate power.

Empowerment Tools and Practices

There are many tools and practices that assists with clearing skin of psoriasis and helps those struggling with the disease find peace with their situation. They are extremely helpful to help in the day-to-day to have practices to utilize when there is so much strong emotion to process. These tools can be a great resource when you need support, are feeling overwhelmed, or are unable to handle circumstances. You may feel frustrated, angry, disconnected, embarrassed, and one of these tools may help you shift your vibration, refocus your energy, handle stress and/or accept that you feel out of balance or irritable. They can help you tap into your own innate power and to live with love and acceptance. I had psoriasis for over 20 years and I cleared it using holistic means and adding these empowerment tools into my life. Here are a few examples: Visualizations, Seeing Everything as an Opportunity, and Infusing Yourself with Feelings and Words.

Eating for Health and Beauty

Discovering what are the most optimal foods for us individually can be a long journey. It can be frustrating when you are confused and uncertain of what is best for you. Here, I can help you expedite this process and tune into your individual innate needs in terms of foods and drinks that help you to thrive. This includes discovering that some or the foods and drinks you be ingesting may not be working for you, at least not right now. So, eliminating some foods will likely be part of this. And also adding in new wonderful foods that nourish you deeply is just as important.

Are you interested in finding what foods will deeply nourish you at the cellular level?

What foods will maintain clear, healthy skin?

What foods can set you on a path of creating balance in my body?

Together we will discover what assists you in vibrant health.

Functional Foods

The quality of our food we purchase and ingest is very important. Eating organic, non-GMO foods, grass-fed meat, wild caught fish and seafood is ideal. These foods will supply much more nutrients that our body craves and needs then those that are non-organic, farm raised, or GMO. I support and encourage this as much as is easy for you. I also encourage eating food that does not have additives and preservatives and, if they do, making sure they are truly natural ingredients. It is also helpful to eat local and in season. Keeping yourself healthy can be a heck of a lot easier when we feed our body foods that are easy to digest, are simple, and not overly processed.

Nutritional Assessment

This is where we start your road to recovery. I will begin by giving you a questionnaire. Then, I will spend time with you via Skype, phone, or, if possible, in person. This is where I will get to know you, your history, your story, and eventually create a program for you. This can include
Menu planning
Herbal remedies
Empowerment tools
Flower essences
We may decide to implement just one of these healing modalities to start, or any combination of them.

Menu Planning

I will give you easy to prepare foods and recipes personalized to what makes you thrive. I am passionate about making meals that are simple , with few ingredients, are super healthy, nourishing and delicious!

Finding recipes that can be your sustenance, your go-to’s, or even just adding them in here or there, is liberating. I know it can be frustrating and confusing not knowing what to eat. Working with your individual needs, we find a plan for you that is nourishing as well as delicious.


Superfoods are foods that are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for vibrant living. Including them in your daily life can support the creation of a very healthy environment within and without for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. There are many superfoods to choose from, so it is fun to change them up day to day in your meals and as supplements. I like to add some form of superfood to my meals or snacks. I may add spirulina to a salad dressing or put hemp seeds into a veggie-based noodle dish. You can add edible flowers to just about anything. Here are a few examples:

Camu Camu
Bone Broth
WIld Edibles

Herbs and Supplements


There are many plants that are extremely helpful for healing psoriasis. We can discover which ones are calling to you and implement them in your day- to -day as a tea, tincture, capsule, topically and/or in your foods. Herbs are our allies, helping us to heal. There are many angles to look at. There are herbs that help slow down the excessive production of skin cells that happen when you have psoriasis. We can address stress, the digestive system, receiving deep nourishment, the liver and more. There are herbs that can be used for all of these areas. It is fun to discover that the plants can really assist us.


To support you in your daily practice, adding some supplements that suit your needs can be a great addition to any health program. I have worked with supplements for 17 years, finding excellent quality products and recommending them to people for various health ailments. It really does help to have additional nutrients in conjunction with high quality foods. Finding the best quality product is important, without a lot of excipient ingredients. Feeding your body with food that is high in nutrients is great for the body and so are adding in vitamins, minerals, and different supplements.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are extractions of flowers that help on the emotional plane and give effective assistance when working in areas where someone may feel stuck and frustrated. They work very specifically with emotions such as despair, jealousy, or anger. Elm is for overwhelm, Larch for confidence, and White Chestnut for calming a worried mind, for example. They help with specific patterns and tendencies like lack of self-confidence and hopeless despair.

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