After 20 years of struggling with psoriasis, I have fine-tuned my health through many strategies that have led me to find relief from its symptoms. Throughout my journey from illness to health, I have created and discovered many tools and techniques that helped me to heal my body. I want to help you to find your way to peace and health. During our consultations, we will address your specific health concerns and then customize a unique plan to support your body’s needs.



  • Herbs
  • Empowerment Practices
  • Supplements
  • Functional Foods
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Menu Planning
  • Flower Essences
  • Superfoods

What is the consultation?

A Consultation will offer many tools, tips, ideas, inspirations, and recipes.

Consultations on:

  • Food, herbs and supplements for beauty and vibrant health.
  • Living in Your Power- remembering you are powerful no matter where you are.
  • Loving Yourself Through the Challenge.

“Our greatest challenges can be our greatest gifts,
guiding us into our destiny”


Supplements, Herbs, Foods and Practices to Live In Your Powerful Self

Marjy offers transformative consultations addressing the body, mind and spirit. Marjy will support you to find the optimal foods, supplements and herbs for you. Also, she uses the Law of Attraction and empowerment practices to raise your vibration, find deep peace and live in your power. If you have been struggling with skin and health issues and feel ready to take steps towards wellness, a holistic consultation is a great tool to become re-empowered in your health.

We will work together to implement strategies to address your specific health concerns and help you re-awaken your body’s natural balance.



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