About Marjy

I have a strong passion for helping others live in vibrant health. An author, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Licensed Massage Therapist and an Esthetician, I give consultations, helping people with skin challenges and other issues. This includes supporting you in finding ways to neutralize the system and come to a place of inner and outer balance, through optimum physical and spiritual nutrition. I see myself as a guide helping my clients find peace and ease with their situation.

I went through a series of major healing crisis on her skin beginning in 1992. This lead me to the path of holistic healing. Through more than 20 years of focused holistic research, study, schooling and self-experimenting, I have come to a place of abundant personal health.
I know the tricks, tips, tools, and modalities that can get you on the track to abundant living. I aspire to be a great role model to inspire others to thrive with excellent self-care.
Working with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our selves, I offer meal plans, extensive supplement and herbal knowledge, and tangible tools for peace, joy and empowerment.

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From Happy Clients

Lauren Bradley

“Marjy has an intuitive sense for working on skin issues through diet. With her own experience and working with others, she is able to spot possible issues in your diet and help you work to eliminate them. She was able to pinpoint my issues with soy almost immediately and, subsequently, many of its relatives that my body is not content with. The combination of knowledge, personal experience and intuition is helpful and comforting.”

Ellen Davis

“Marjy gave excellent advice on alternative solutions for my eczema and stress.   The tinctures and herbs did wonders. I hate taking medicine, pills, even using topical creams, so this was perfect. Also dropping gluten helped a lot. :-)”

Sheryl Allen

“I’ve known and worked with Marjy Berkman for almost ten years now.   She’s the first person I seek out for advice on skin care, specifically how to keep my skin glowing and beautiful in my often-changing environment and as I age.   Marjy is my go-to person for many health related issues.”

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