One of my most amazing tips, that I am excited to share, is that there is always a healthy, wonderful food that you can substitute for something that is not working for you. Giving foods and lifestyle habits up can actually be easier than you think. What I suggest is that you find substitutes and adjust your choices to make them work for you. This can help you in shifting your ways of eating.

For instance, if you are giving up refined sugar, you can add in substitutes such as xylitol or fresh fruit more often; adjust your lifestyle by eating more protein, which helps with cravings by fulfilling your body’s need for nourishment and stabilizes blood sugar, or consider using supplements that can help cut down on cravings for refined sugar, such as hemp protein, cinnamon, and chromium.

Chia seed, soaked, is a great egg substitute to use in making breads and cookies; Irish moss (a seaweed), when it is soaked for at least six hours, strained and blended with water, can act like an egg in a recipe. It can fluff up breads, cookies, and many other meal options.


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