For those that suffer with skin problems, most cleansers can aggravate the skin, and even cause a break-out. Because the skin may be super sensitive to ingredients and even over-cleansing of the skin, I have found fruit facials as a great alternative to cleansing with conventional cleansers. It is nature’s gentle exfoliant and it works! The sugars in the fruit actively cleanse and slough off the dead skin cells.

It is super easy! First thing you do is pick an organic fruit, as in-season as possible. Then, put it on the face and even body. I prefer to use the inner juicy part of the fruit. Let it sit for a few minutes, till you see that it has dried a bit. Then, jump in the shower and rinse off. I love always rinsing at the end with very cold water.

Today, I went to the farmers market. As soon as I came home I put a fresh, organic red cherry on my face, chest and shoulders.  Then rinsed and my skin is now bright and soft! Cherries are actually used specifically in facial products to brighten the skin.

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